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A beautiful route leads you through narrow streets and dark alleys. The creeps are ready for you from 7 p.m. It ends at 11pm. Do you dare to come?!

This year the route is almost 4 km long. Take your time to see and experience everything! You can also start after 7 p.m., but don’t be late. In addition, there is a special kids zone again this edition.

To gain access to Halloween you must have a ticket. These are checked at four main entrances. Only visitors with a ticket have access.

As an organization, we want to organize a safe family event in every respect. This means that we assume that everyone adheres to our house rules (you agree to this when purchasing a ticket).

Be careful: you can be touched or grabbed during Halloween.

Ticket prices

Watch here for prices and buy online ticket

Kids Night Oct. 27th

If you do not want to scare to death..


Accessilibity of the centre on the 29th


Where to park my car?

Time to start and end

Be on time and don’t miss a thing

(Small) children

Halloween can be pretty scary

Halloween route

Make sure you don’t get lost…

Frequently asked questions

Read the FAQ to find your answers

First medical aid

Sometimes accidents happen.

Halloween items

Great when you all come dressed up!

Help us

All help is welcome!

Bring the dog?

For dogs not the right place.

Ticket registration

By buying a ticket, you agree to our conditions


Prams, buggy’s and wheel chairs

Food & drinks

On the Markt you will find several food trucks.

Privacy warning

Photo’s and video’s will be made during the evening


Would you like to contribute to this great event?

Get in touch with us

Send us an e-mail:
Or give us a call: 0499 – 216514