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Halloween Oirschot

Come and shiver with us in the spooky center of Oirschot, on Saturday October 28th 2023, between 7 and 11 pm. Do you come dressed up? More information will follow as soon as possible.

Attention! This year the kids Halloween (4-12 yrs)  is on Friday 27th of October.

Are you coming dressed up? 
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Walk with us through the narrow streets and dark alleys: do you dare?

Bullying, Oirschot 1648

The battle between Catholics and Protestants still continues. Stadtholder Frederik Hendrik has captured Den Bosch, and as a result North Brabant falls as a Catholic stronghold. Catholics are reduced to second-class citizens, churches are taken away, chapels are demolished, and it is not allowed to practice the Catholic faith. This is also the case in Oirschot. The lord of Merode has to leave the field, and the new lord arrives: Sweerts de Landas! Who takes up residence at Groot Bijstervelt. The large church on the market becomes Protestant and gets a minister: Reverend Van Schapenberg. However, this one doesn’t last long. Because the bullying from the Oirschot population is soon too much for him. His successor Van Aelst must put things in order… With all its consequences!



For this year we have once more planned a terrific (and terrifying!) walk for all those who wish the shudder and shiver with fear. Beware: you enter Oirschot at your own risk!

Kids Zone on Friday
Because of the success of last year, this year we have created a Kids Zone (primary school age) on Friday October 27. Here we present Halloween acts geared especially towards their age group.

There is no long route and the acts and presentations are not shocking for the smallest kids. Parental discretion advised.

We have made it very easy to buy your ticket online. But as of October 4th, you can come in at the Visit Oirschot office during opening hours to buy a paper ticket.


Ticket Information

Ticket prices Saturday, October 28th 
Early bird ticket:  € 7,00 per person
Excl. € 0,90 p.p. ticket fee

Ticket prices Kids Hallowoon on Friday, October 27th 
€ 4,00 per person in the age 4 – 12
Excl. € 0,90 p.p. ticket fee
Parents and 0 – 3: free

If you prefer to buy a ticket at our office, you are welcome to do so from at Visit Oirschot (Markt 1 Tuesday to Saturday, from 10.00 – 16.30 hours).

Pay attention: on the 28th you can purchase your tickets until 16.30 hrs. After that only online tickets available. 

Good to know!

By buying a ticket you agree to our house rules. Everyone, including children, can walk the entire route but be aware that some parts of the route are very exciting and scary for small children. That is why we have created the special Kids’ Zone.
Halloween Oirschot takes place in the historical center of our town.

Halloween Oirschot 

Halloween Oirschot 

Halloween Oirschot 

Halloween Oirschot 

Halloween Oirschot 

Halloween Oirschot

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