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Are you looking for more information about Halloween? Below you will find the answers to frequently asked qustions.

Where do I park?

First of all we ask you to come by foot or bike if possible. By car you follow from the main roads the sign P Halloween. For navigation enter: Moorland. The route is accessibele through the Stönner Meijwaard bridge, which leads you over the canal.

Parking is free. In the village centre you can NOT park your car between 17.00 and 23.00 hrs.

I live in the centre of Oirschot, where do I park?

Do you live in the centre of Oirschot? Please be aware that you are not able to get in or out between 18.00 and 23.00 hrs. If you expect urgent matters or you have other reasons to leave: we advise you to park your car outside the route zone.

Do residents of the centre need to buy a ticket?

Everyone who wants to enjoy this great Halloween event needs to buy a ticket. Residents of the centre as well. You can purchase your tickets via this website.
Offline tickets are available at Visit Oirschot (the old town hall) during opening hours: 10.00 – 16.30 hrs.

Tickets will be checked at several places on the route.

Can I buy a ticket on the day itself?

We advise you to buy your online ticket on time! Early bird tickets are available at € 7,00 p.p. These tickets are limited, so don’t wait to long.

During the evening you can only purchase online tickets: QR codes are available at several points on the route. Tickets will be checked.

Offline (paper) tickets are available until saturday itself at Visit Oirschot from 10.00 – 16.30 hrs. After this time online tickets only! 

I will visit one of the restaurants, is that possible during Halloween?

Of course you are able to visit your booked restaurant. Take notice of the fact that you can not park your car nearby.

Can I start later than 19.00 hrs and how long will it take?

Yes you can. De route is open from 19.00 hrs. De route is approx 4 km long. Some parts can be crowded and queue’s may occur.

Is Halloween suitable for my child?

Halloween Oirschot is more than just some scary scenes. It can be pretty exciting for your child (and you)! Some acts can be so scary that you rather skip them!

For children from four up to twelve years old we offer a special Kids Halloween Night on Friday, October 27th. You will find suitable entertainment for your child without scarring to death.

Be aware: Halloween can be very impressive to children (and some adults!). Please consider in advance if Halloween is suitable for your child.

Where can I find a toilet?

In the old town hall you will find a toilet and one disabled toilet.
On the route you find two toilet units. See map.

Does Halloween goes on as it rains?

Yes, even with rain Halloween will go on. All the acts and organisation are totaly ready and some wetness will not scare us off!

In case of rain: put on your rain coat, take your umbrella with your. Perfect Halloween weather!

Where do I start?

You can join anywhere along the route. there is no fixed starting point. There are four main entrances, where your tickets will be scaned.